Foundation Repair, Basement Waterproofing, & Crawl Space Encapsulation in Eugene, OR


Locally owned TerraFirma Foundation Systems provide both Basement Systems and Foundation SupportWorks Piering Systems to businesses and homes in Eugene, OR.

Our main goal is to offer the best in customer service, and to exceed the expectations of our customers. We also specialize in using the most up to date and reliable equipment and products, to ensure that your problem is taken care of efficiently. Whether you have water in your basement, cracked drywall, doors or windows that stick or cannot be opened, or even a sloping floor, we can help you! The above issues can all be permanently fixed with the innovative solutions that we use.

Foundation Repair Eugene

Foundation Repair Company Eugene, OR TerraFirma Foundation SystemsThe first thing to determine is what is causing your specific problem, and we provide an onsite inspection, with no obligation to use our services. However, if you do decide that you would like us to permanently and safely fix your problem, we can devise an affordable solution.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals has the skill and experience needed to help you. Our products come with a full warranty and our team is certified and insured, ensuring the best possible service to you.

Basement Waterproofing Eugene, OR

Basement Water Damage Repair and Waterproofing in Eugene OR (Oregon)Nobody likes to see water in their basement, and if you are having this problem, our certified technicians can help you to permanently fix it. No job is too big or too small for us and we have been waterproofing area basements for over 20 years.

Let the TerraFirma experts come to your home to give you a free estimate for waterproofing. With years of experience behind us, your basement will be dry all year round!

We have offices across Oregon, Norther California and Southern Washington and we have been helping homeowners to keep their basement dry and safe since 1987. We pride ourselves on having the most effective and innovative techniques in the industry. We have developed our reputation by using a combination of tried and tested waterproofing techniques, and the latest innovations and advancements in water management and encapsulation.

Crawl Space Repair Eugene, OR

Crawl Space Repair and Encapsulation Eugene, ORIt is easy to overlook the crawlspace that is underneath your home, but this small area is surprisingly important and can affect the health of your family, and the stability of your home. Your entire home can be adversely impacted if the crawlspace starts to develop mold, or experience structural problems.

Prevention is better than cure, and here at TerraFirma Foundation Systems, we make a point of trying to catch potential problems before they can escalate into major issues that can seriously affect your home. We specialize in all types of problems that crawlspaces typically experience and if you are having an issue with this part of your home, contact us immediately. we offer a free quote for repairs, and a free inspection for Eugene residents.