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Foundation Repair Contractors in Eugene, OR

If your building is experiencing structural cracking and slumping problems and you do not know any foundation repair contractors Eugene, you may want to talk to TerraFirma Foundation Systems. This company deals with such problems for both residential as well as commercial buildings in Eugene, OR.

Foundation Repair Contractors in  Eugene, OR by TerraFirma Foundation SystemsThe company has been in the business for over two decades. During this period, it has amassed a lot of experience dealing with such problems and as such, you need not worry their level of expertise. In fact, we have earned a name in the construction repairs and engineering field in Oregon. In fact, it is our motto to  offer our customers with nothing but the personalized attention.

Ever since we opened our doors, our main goal has been to make sure that we offer non temporary solutions to our clients whose property may have undergone differential settlement. Normally, we rely on the piering system that achieves that aim. The other advantage is that the piers can be installed during any climatic season (i.e. spring, summer, fall or even winter) and they leave the landscape around totally undisturbed. You also need not worry that maybe where you stay in a remote area, trust us, we will get there. If you were to compare us with other companies in this industry and the quality of work we offer, you will realize that our charges are quite reasonable.

Eugene Commercial Foundation and Structural Repair Company

Another goal that TerraFirma Foundation, which is a commercial foundation repair contractor Eugene, seeks to achieve is making sure that we do not inconvenience our clients. The first way by which we aim to achieve this is by making sure that you are served courteously from your very first phone call with our friendly operators. The first thing we do is to schedule a free inspection session at a time that you are most comfortable with.

Commercial Foundation Repair and Underpinning Contractors EugeneAfter this, some of our specialists will come to your home or business premises as the case may be. They will then inspect the area thoroughly and advice you accordingly with regards to the nature of the problem. During this period, any questions that you may have will be answered by our specialists.

Once the inspection is complete, TerraFirma Foundation, Inc. will draft a solution depending on the extent of the damage that your foundation may have. Once we have a solution, we will send in a group of experts who will complete the repair work within the agreed period. During this process, the team will make every effort to ensure that there is as little damage incurred in the process as possible. More so, any recommendations that you have will be taken into consideration at this stage.

Finally, if you would want to meet with any one of our experts for consultation, inspection and written foundation repair quote, do not hesitate to contact us right away. All of our quotes come absolutely free of charge. We understand that most of the landscape in Oregon is hilly and uneven; however, construction of new buildings is still necessary. Our piering system eliminates all the problems of constructing homes or business establishments on such landscapes.

Basement Waterproofing Contractors Eugene, OR

If you are looking for basement waterproofing contractors Eugene, then look no further. The problem of water finding its way into a crawlspace can also be easily controlled by TerraFirma Foundation Systems. We also have available sump pumps and other such devices that aim at removing of water in basements, leaving your house as dry as dust.

Basement and Crawl Space Wall Finishing and Waterproofing Contractor in EugeneOnce your basement is secure and dry, TerraFirma Foundation Systems works towards changing the basement to make sure that it is a habitable space. The firm does this by using special wall and flooring systems. Our encapsulation system ensures that all problems associated with dirt in the crawlspace are eliminated.

So if you have or are experiencing any of the problems discussed above, do not hesitate to contact TerraFirma Foundation Systems as soon as possible to schedule a free onsite inspection.