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Foundation Repair Cottage Grove, OR

Whenever the foundation of your home is under stress, it is possible for the entire building tip over and even collapse.  TerraFirma Foundation Systems allow any homeowner to ensure that the worst is prevented from their real estate with foundation repair in Cottage Grove, OR that also include basement waterproofing and crawl space encapsulation.  When you think there may be an issue with the most important part of your home, do not wait even a moment to get it checked out or the absolute worst case scenario may follow.

Oregon Foundation Crack Repair

If you live in Oregon and have ever seen a cracked foundation being repaired by a foundation repair companies, you may know what a major challenge it is to any homeowner.  For starters, it is necessary to raise the entire foundation settlement up in order to ascertain and then fix any damages, meaning that Oregon foundation repair services can prevent the lifting of a whole home.  Small, preventative structural repair jobs can be done in order to minimize the risks of future problems and prevent a foundation settlement from having to be elevated up in order to do any work upon the cement bed.

Basement Waterproofing In Cottage Grove

Basemetn Waterproofing From TerraFirma Foundation SystemsOne of the biggest culprits in the foundation industry is a leaking or wet basement. Cottage Grove basement waterproofing services lets you determine any parts of your basement that might let water down into the base and affect the foundation.  Waterproofing a basement uses several steps: first, basement leak repair in order to eliminate any water lines or taps that are shedding water into a basement.  Next, interior basement waterproofing protects the inside from further leaks or drain misfires.  Basement sealing will keep any water from getting through the cracks and affecting the foundation and the soil beneath it.  Dry basement systems in Cottage Grove, Oregon are much less of a risk to a homeowner concerned about their foundation, since they do not put any water into the ground.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Cottage Grove OR

The area below a house known as a crawl space requires attention with everything from a waterproofing membrane to crawl space vents.  This is because the water that gets into a crawl space will not directly affect the foundation, but will seriously damage the boards and rails that make up the house’s planks on which it sits.  Crawl space encapsulation in Cottage Grove works to eliminating existing moisture and then placing a crawl space vapor barrier to prevent new water from accumulating.  In addition to the risks of the house itself, these areas can be breeding grounds for mold, insects, and rodents, so keeping them dry and sterile is the best solution for a homeowner.


Call TerraFirma Foundation Systems for a free estimate of your home’s stability.  We are able to provide everything for any foundation problems in Cottage Grove, OR.