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The use of crawl spaces has recently become very popular because they are very convenient for homeowners. With crawl spaces, it is easy to access plumbing, air ducts and other substructures, which are otherwise difficult to access for maintenance or repair. The downside with crawl spaces though is that they are vulnerable to moisture, mold, foul odor, trapped gasses and incursions of vermin. Fortunately, Eugene crawl space encapsulation can address any existing crawl space problems as well as prevent them from reoccurring. The following are the most common crawl space issues in more detail.


Vermin. The typical design of crawl spaces makes them vulnerable to insect infestations such as cockroaches, dust mites, rodents, termites and carpenter ants as well as invasion from bigger animals such as cats and squirrels. These animals can pose a danger to the structure itself but the possible health issues they pose are also a concern. Eugene crawl space encapsulation can prevent decomposition odors from dead animals, urine, fecal matter and dust mites from coming up through the air to cause respiratory-related health issues.


Moisture and Mold. Moisture easily enters crawl spaces from warm, humid outdoor air coming in through foundation vents or seeping through uncovered soil or porous concrete floors. Too much water can cause chemical contamination, electric shock and structural damage. Even simple moisture when trapped into crawl spaces cause mold build up, condensation on air ducts, water pipes and insulation, musty odors in living areas, as well as water damage to wooden frames. To protect crawl spaces and houses from these issues, Eugene crawl space encapsulation must be utilized to waterproof crawl spaces and neutralize mold.


Radon Gas. Radon gas, which can cause both lung and intestinal cancer, is present in soil and water in some areas and can enter the home through drains, cracks, sumps and crawl spaces. Crawl space radon gas poses a serious risk because this dangerous gas is colorless, odorless and very difficult to detect. Fortunately, Eugene crawl space encapsulation can also block radon gas from entering crawl spaces.


Crawl space encapsulation is a relatively new but effective strategy for addressing and preventing all major crawl space problems. Although do-it-yourself crawl space encapsulation kits can be purchased, they do not always work because of the low quality of the materials used or they are unsuitable for the specific problem. Because the encapsulation system must be customized to address specific problems and situations, it is better to let Eugene crawl space encapsulation experts do a thorough evaluation and design a customized and comprehensive solution.

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