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Foundation Repair In Santa Clare, OR

Foundation Repair Experts TerraFirma Foundation SystemsAs much as we would like our homes to stay in perfect shape forever, the reality is that they are subject to wear and tear just like everything else. Homeowners must deal with maintenance issues every so often and, yes, this can cost a lot of money. One simple thing that can be done to lessen the financial blow is to be proactive and try to fix things at the earliest possible time. It is far cheaper to repair minor inconveniences compared to full-blown structural damage. If you see signs of foundation problems, call TerraFirma Foundation Systems right away for an assessment and inspection of your Santa Clare, Oregon home.

Foundation Problems Santa Clare, OR

Things to look for are rapid soil erosion, floor tilt, wall fissures, ground cracks, and similar phenomenon. These indicate an imbalance of the ground underneath. With weaker support on one side, the whole house shifts its weight in an unnatural position, manifesting in several stress points. Professionals will have to go in, figure out the extent of the damage, and work on the house foundation repair. If done early enough, relatively minor slab foundation repair in Santa Clare will suffice and a full-scale foundation replacement will not be necessary. Afterwards, the affected parts of the ground and walls should undergo crack repair.

Basement Waterproofing Santa Clare OR

The basement’s location at the bottom of the house with its floor being lower than the ground has a few natural consequences. First, it is subject to stress from above and all sides. Second, rainwater can quickly get in if the area is not adequately waterproofed. Third, plumbing leaks will eventually find their way to the basement, initially in trickles which may worsen into floods. Waterproofing basement in Oregon should be made a priority to avoid headaches later on. If basement water is already present due to leakage, then a more rigorous basement repair procedure may have to be put in place to ensure a dry basement in Santa Clare OR. The drain tile will also have to be checked.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Santa Clare

Open that crawl space door every so often to check if things are all right in this tight gap. Homeowners will want to inspect the crawl space vent for dirt and debris. Proper crawl space ventilation is extremely important. The development of moisture and humidity should also be tamed through crawl space encapsulation in Santa Clare, OR and the installation of a vapor barrier. Professionals can come in and do these jobs efficiently at very little cost.


With decades of foundation repair experience in Santa Clare, OR, the company and its highly trained employees are equipped with the skills required to do the job right. Call now for a free estimate so you can finally have peace of mind.