Residential Foundation Repair in Eugene, OR

Before you embark on fixing your foundation issues in Eugene, OR, it is important to try to find out what is the real problem causing your foundation to slope or crack.

Residential Foundation Wall Cracking and Repair EugeneTerraFirma Foundation Systems is one of the leading residential foundation repair Eugene service provider in Oregon. The company also offers commercial foundation repair Eugene and has been in operation for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves for this period has helped us acquire the expertise that is necessary in dealing with almost all foundation problems that a building may face. To prove just how confident we are with the work that we deliver to you, each of our systems comes with a written warranty. Knowing how urgently you need the problem solved, our work takes no more than seven days. Believe that whenever we fix a problem, you will not have to worry about it for years to come.

Among many of the problems that we solve include, but not limited to, cracks on stair-step foundations, sagging floors and buckling walls. These are some of the problems that can affect the value of your home significantly. As a company, our main aim is to restore your house’s foundation back to its original structure.

It does not matter the kind of problem you are facing, TerraFirm Foundation Systems will first and foremost perform a free inspection at the site. This is an attempt to establish the exact problem in the building. Essentially, it is the only way that any good firm can use to solve any structural problem.

Commercial Foundation Repair in Eugene, OR

Following is a list of the Eugene Foundation Repair Services that we provide:

  • Engineering Services and Support
  • Foundation Design
  • Foundation Repair
  • Foundation Restoration
  • Helical Tension Anchors
  • Helical Pile Installation
  • Load Testing
  • Push (Resistance) Pier Systems

You can always trust TerraFirma Foundation Systems to solve all kinds of structural problem in your building. Our company has the necessary expertise, personnel, experience and tools to deal with any problem that we tell you we can fix.

Eugene Basement Damage Repair & Waterproofing Services

Basement Leak and Flooding Repair Waterproofing EugeneBasement leaks and water pooling are among the major problems that many Oregon homeowners have to deal with. Essentially, whenever there is a slight leakage or the seal is tampered with, then there is always the possibility that water will leak into the building. These places include the floors, walls, joists as well as any type of joints. The porosity of concrete also makes it possible for water to pass through it.

Some companies are notorious for using low quality materials for basement waterproofing Eugene. Over time, these materials will eventually degrade and you will have to repair the floor at some point. With TerraFirma Foundation Systems, all the materials they use are patented, tested and tried by Basement Systems, Inc. This is the biggest network of basement waterproofers in the world.

If you are experiencing any of the problems discussed above, you should not waste any more time; call one of the several basement waterproofing experts that we have certified in Oregon. After they conduct the assessment, they will be able to show you what caused the leakage and discuss with you the several options that there are to solve the problem.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation in Eugene

We also have an innovation solution to the crawl space problem. Basically, we usually install a crawl space vapor barrier Eugene for you, and this means you will never have to incur any additional installation costs in the future. This is more or less like a guarantee that your home will be safe and secure environment.

Eugene Sump Pump Installation

Finally, we also do sump pump installation for both commercial and residential properties in Eugene, which ensures that you control any water that may penetrate into your basement.