How Polylevel Can Improve Your Foundation

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Using PolyLEVEL In Eugene, Oregon


TerraFirma Foundation Systems Offers Polylevel in Eugene, ORUsing the right equipment is the ultimate way to get a job done correctly. Trying to do a job without the correct tools wastes both time and money. Builders and contractors can increase their margins by discovering more efficient ways of doing things. Getting the job done quicker, while doing it better will end up garnering increased production numbers.


Although it is not everyday that a new product comes around, it does happen occasionally. PolyLEVEL is a perfect example of a great, new product that is now available. Problems in both structural and concrete leveling can be resolved quickly with the use of this fill compound. Surprisingly, high-density fill weighs much less than its competition and can lift loads that are heavier. Other vital advantages are:


– Traditional products used in concrete leveling are 30 times heavier than PolyLEVEL.


– Heavier loads can be lifted due to the materials expanding as it dries.


– Users can accurately determine their lift time due to the preciseness of drying times.


– Because this product is waterproof, it is a perfect sealant and product for foundation leveling.


– Difficult to reach corners can be accessed by using the injection technique.


– Traffic flow can return to normal quickly because of the 15 minute cure time of the product.


Generally, Eugene builders are easily able to create a surface that is level without having to tear up the existing foundation. Because the application is fast and clean, the job time is cut significantly. This product is so unique that it is the perfect solution for those areas that cannot withstand an increased amount of weight.


PolyLEVEL systems can be used for most foundation under fill jobs by following these simple directions:


– Drill small holes strategically in the slab.

– Install custom injection ports tightly in each hole.

– Inject the PolyLEVEL.

– Grouting over each hole will seal them and offer protection against moisture.


These four quick and east steps allow floors, concrete walls and foundations to be repaired and strengthened without having to demolish anything in the process. Because this product dries so quickly, the area can be completed and cleaned up in no time, allowing you to move quickly to the next job. Doing the job right the first time allows builders and contractors to make a profit. If you are looking for a product that can help you get the job done quicker and better, PolyLEVEL is the answer. Be sure that you have some on hand for your upcoming leveling jobs.

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